Child Care Center of FPC Asheville

Offering Care for Children from 6 weeks to age 5

Medical Information

Medical Report

State law requires that each child must have a medical report filled out by both parents (top section) and by your pediatrician (lower section) before the child can attend our program.

Most doctors will fill out the form based on the child’s last visit (as long as they have been seen within the last year) and they can email it directly to us.  We are not allowed to request this information from your doctor.  Only you can request that the doctor give us the information.


All children must have an updated immunization record on file at enrollment and it must be updated as new immunizations are given.  If your child has not received immunizations for medical reasons, you must provide a written letter stating the reason for our file from your child’s doctor.

If you have questions about immunizations, call the health department or contact the NC Immunization branch at (919) 707-5550 or visit

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