Child Care Center of FPC Asheville

Offering Care for Children from 6 weeks to age 5

Food Program

Each child is provided a nutritious breakfast and afternoon snack while in our care.  Our food program is subsidized by the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CAFCP).  Following the nutritional guidelines of the CAFCP program, each child is ensured a full spectrum of nutritionally-balanced meal components and age-appropriate serving sizes.  We take extra care to match the shape, size, and texture of the food to the age group being served.

Parents are given a bento box to pack lunches in. We ask that you do not have a child try something for the first time at school to help insure the child is not allergic to the food. All lunches are immediately put inside the refrigerator upon arriving at school to keep the food as fresh as possible. We recommend packing a protein and fruits and/or vegetables for lunch. Please also keep in mind that the food will not be heated prior to serving it.

Food allergies are closely monitored and substitutions are always available.  Our center is nut free, but please note that we share our kitchen with other groups who may use nuts.  We do not use nut products in our nutrition program and we intentionally ask that no one bring nuts in to the CCC.  There is, however, no way that we can guarantee that.  Please help us to provide a safe nut-free environment for our children and staff.

Breakfast is served at 8:15 and available to incoming students until 9:00.  Lunch is served at 11:30.  Afternoon snack is served to all classes at 2:30.

Mealtime is a learning experience on many levels.  Children will start to learn how to eat independently and will receive encouragement from peers to eat. Meals are brought to the classroom and served by teachers.  Students and teachers eat together and share in this ritual.

All children will be served the same meals at no separate charge, regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability and there is no discrimination in the course of the food service.

We promote breastfeeding at our center.  Mothers are welcome to come into the center and breastfeed their babies at any time.  We provide secluded areas for privacy if desired.  Bottles of breast milk shall be dated and labeled with the child’s name.

We provide iron fortified infant formula, baby food, infant cereal, and snacks.  Our kitchen staff ensures that all food served to our infants and toddlers are properly cut and sized for safe eating.

We prefer plastic bottles, but will accept glass bottles.  Please note that occasionally it is necessary to try different nipples for better flow or comfort for your baby.  For parents of new infants entering the infant room for the first time, please note that it is important to introduce them to bottle feeding a few weeks before your enrollment date.  If you will be supplementing with formula or switching formulas, it’s best if the child’s first try with new formula is not at day care, so if possible please introduce it beforehand.

Special Events and Birthdays: Parents are welcome to celebrate your children’s birthdays at school.  If you would like to celebrate an occasion with your child’s class, please discuss the time and event with your child’s teacher.  Generally, we will celebrate special occasions during afternoon snack.

State law requires that all food items brought to the center must be store bought.  Unfortunately, we are prohibited from allowing homemade cupcakes or foods due to health and sanitation regulations.

Many of our school families desire to serve their children healthy snacks and meals.  Because of this, we suggest that you bring healthy snacks instead of sweet or sugary snacks.  We will be happy to make some suggestions appropriate for your child’s class and age.

We want to remind you please to not send any food with nuts in it. Thank you!

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