Child Care Center of FPC Asheville

Offering Care for Children from 6 weeks to age 5

Inclement Weather Policy

If it becomes necessary to close early, open late, or close completely due to inclement weather
or other circumstances, announcements will be posted on WLOS-TV (ABC: Channel 3 on cable –
Channel 13 non-cable). 

We want to assure you that we intend to have the center open every day possible. Our mission
is to serve families who are working and who need the service of the center to get to their jobs.
We are very clear about this. Many of our staff have children and are affected by the schedules
of the schools just as you are affected by our schedule. We strive to make the best call for
opening and closing our center.

There are two primary factors that we consider regarding opening the center on days with
inclement weather: the safety of your children and the safety of our staff. In order for us
to open the center and to provide the care for your children that you expect, we must have
adequate staff on site. In order to have adequate staff on site, we must be certain that we
are not putting staff at risk as they attempt to get to work. We need to be assured that the
majority of our staff can get in to work.

Anyone who has lived here any length of time knows that it does not take much snow or ice
to make travel on our mountainous roads dangerous. Therefore, it is the road conditions that
dictate whether or not our staff can get to work and not necessarily whether it is snowing or
sleeting. Another factor that may add to the confusion is that the weather in this area can vary
from one part of town to another. While some areas might be fine, other areas can be having
some real problems.

When we make the decision of whether or not to open, close, or delay, we try to balance
holding off making the decision as long as possible and trying to give you as much time as
possible to deal with a closing or delay.

The Asheville city school schedule gives us an idea about what is going on around town with the
roads, but we do not follow the school schedules as we know that the school schedule is much
more conservative in making the decision to close than we are.

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